Parachute - Sailing
  • Diverse coral reefs.
  • Greatest marine biodiversity.
  • Over 3,000 fish species and450 coral species.
  • Astonishing underwater volcanic mountains.
  • Diving season all year round.
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  • Numerous reefs and beach breaks.
  • Suitable for all surfing level experience.
  • Excellent wave with various swells and tides.
  • “G-Land” for more adventurous surfers.
  • Many challenging surfing spots.
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  • Unlimited adventures.
  • Discover magnificent sacred old temples.
  • Wild unspoiled tropical rainforest.
  • Unique rice paddy terraces.
  • Various water sports activities.
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  • Interesting nature and wildlife.
  • One of its kind Komodo Dragon.
  • Indonesia’s famous Orangutan.
  • Eat with the lions.
  • Elephant conservation and education.
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  • Perfect holiday cruise.
  • Relaxing and pleasurable sundeck activities.
  • Romantic evening dinner cruise.
  • Live music entertainment.
  • Disco and cabaret show.
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  • Cultural diversity.
  • Ceremonies & celebrations.
  • Dances & musical instruments.
  • Inseparable aesthetism and religion.
  • Temples and historical sites.
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  • Romantic sunset wedding.
  • Traditional or modern style.
  • Intimate and private.
  • Breath taking view.
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  • Legendary exotic tropical spas.
  • Yoga and spiritual retreats.
  • Unique energy healing center.
  • Wide range alternative therapies.
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